QCFI Hyderabad Chapter


Thanks to new inventions and technological developments almost all organisations make progress. In the words of Dr. J.M. Juran they are all evolutionary progress. Unless and until an organization engages itself over and above that into continuous improvement they cannot survive in this present tough competitive market condition. He calls it as revolutionary progress.

To achieve this revolutionary progress managerial level will have to take up chronic problems for finding solution using project by project method. This is what Dr. J.M. Juran taught to the Japanese. They added another dimension to this approach with Kaizen concept.

Kaizen is a combination of two words where 'kai', means ‘change’ and ‘zen’ means ‘better’. Combined together, it means ‘changes for better ‘or’ continuous improvement’.

Whatever be the field in our lives, be it social life, working life, domestic life or even leisure life, we need continuous improvements in order to progress and advance as opposed to status quo and stagnancy.

While ‘Innovation’ or ‘big break through ideas may be occasional and only a few have the ability to arrive at such break through ideas, ‘Kaizen’ or simple improvements’ are possible for everyone to achieve. The Japanese economic miracle is attributable to this unique approach in all walks of their lives. We could see the demonstrative evidence of this continuous improvement in all their products or services. When everyone in ‘an organization’ engage in ‘such an activity, the result is very high and it is like “a little drops of water make a mighty ocean’.